“66 Days on Route 66” revitalizes the American road trip, as seen though the lens of an Australian singer-songwriter navigating a new identity in a new land. “66 Days on Route 66” puts international best-selling Australian musician, Grayson, on the classic American road trip for an unforgettable inside look at his adventures while traveling gig to gig at over 50 live shows at various venues along the old mother road. Starting in Chicago, Illinois on July 8, 2011 then motoring west through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and ending in Santa Monica, California on September 11, 2011, the tour passes through 100 towns & cities en route.

“66 Days on Route 66” is both a video series and live music tour that pieces back together the forgotten trail. Capturing Grayson’s experiences candidly in documentary-style format “66 Days on Route 66” re-personalizes legends from the road, gig by gig, town by town, story by story. International chart-topping artist Grayson, pens the next sentence in the nation’s narrative about our love affair with this most musical of highways, bringing his natural, bright folk/rock sensibilities to the festivals, radio shows, saloons and cafes along the way. And he see's this frontier in the way the original migrants of the Dust Bowl might have seen it—through the lens of someone navigating a new identity in a new land. Offering his fresh perspective on traditional Americana, “66 Days on Route 66” gives a front row seat to Grayson’s landmarks in search of the people living, working, and succeeding at the time honored American dream.

The journey chronicle's not only Grayson’s discovery of the behind-the-scenes America that we don’t really know, but also his own self-discovery, as he learns more of who he really is, as a musician, as a visitor, and as a human being. Through a series of vignettes and short-take interviews, Grayson share's his perspective and views of the American Dream, Route 66, and not just what he is offering to America through this tour, but what he believes America offers up to him in return.

There are Main Streets and Wall Streets; roads not taken and roads to success, but there was and will only be one Mother Road. In a time when people’s most poignant moments are often shared only within the labyrinth that we know as the information superhighway, “66 Days on Route 66” reminds us to return to the beauty of the original American highway — our glorious Route 66.

66 Days on Route 66 - Documentary

Grayson, hits the road to discover America along the historic Route 66.

Beginning in Chicago, IL Grayson goes from gig to gig along the famed roadway in search of the American experience as he engages with the eccentric locals in bars, jazz clubs, opera houses, record stores, taco stands, gun ranges and living rooms of small town Western America.

Along the way he discovers the undervalued history, arts and diverse cultures of each region, culminating in California with one finale performance at the end of the trail.

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66 Days on Route 66 was the winner of a Gold Award at the 2013 CineRocKom International Film Festival in Hollywood, California

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