Grayson Radio interview feedback

“Grayson was a TRIP! We love that guy. I swear we have about 2500 new female listeners now, thanks to his charm.

The phones and Facebook and tweets went crazy while he was here being interviewed. Can’t say that has ever happened. What is it – the accent? Who knows, but they cannot get enough of Grayson. We were spinning, but needless to say, the listeners have spoken and we have now increased. He’s welcome here anytime.”-Jon Bunyerd, KDQN.
— KDQN-MS DE QUEEN AR. Jay and Jim - Interview live w/performance
Jay & Jim - De Queen Arkansas

Jay & Jim - De Queen Arkansas

“We loved having Grayson in our studio! A very cool guy, and a very fun interview! He is welcome back anytime!”- Chad, KITX
— KITX (95.5) PARIS TX. Chad Lindsey - Interview live w/ performance

“Grayson was great! I saw this big beared guy from Australia come into the studio, and out of his mouth came a very mellow smooth voice that is sure to make the women melt!!!” - Alan, KOFM.
— KOFM (103.1) ENID OK. Alan Clepper - Interview live w/performance.

“Grayson has a magnetic personality. He’s one of those guys who when he enters a room, he is the life of the party! Extremely talented, especially in his guitar playing. It was fun listening to him describe his experiences in the US and looking at our country through someone else’s eyes. His personality and guitar playing really are the things that stand out … that alone can make him a star!!” - Ben, KKYN.
— KKYN PLAINVIEW TX. Ben Catley - Interview live w/performance.

We had a great time with Grayson! A unique voice, with a great presence... and a story to back it up. (Our secretary got nothing accomplished while he was here because of his captivating personality and musical performance) Proud to be on board with a great single and an artist who “gets it” - thanks for sending him our way! - Cameron, KWHW.
— KWHW (93.5) ALTUS OK. Cameron Dole - Interview recorded w/performance.

“I had to leave early this day as my daughter broke her knee but - Jeff from the afternoon show came in early and saved the day. Fortunately, I was able to meet Grayson and he is ADORABLE! Love him!
Best of all - I was able to listen in to the interview as an outsider and he ACED it! I think he is just phenomenal!!! So charming and talented. Love him and his music and I think he should do really well.
Grayson needs to come back sometime because my daughter wants to meet the cute Aussie who was in town the day she broke her knee in numerous places!” - Kris, WJTH.
— WJTH (101.7) CALHOUN GA. Kris Jewel, live w/performance

“Oh my - I hit the trifecta with Grayson. Beautiful music, a ginger and a tall drink of water all rolled into one! Grayson was a sheer delight to meet and listen to. I LOVE his music and vibe. My listeners were quite impressed with his sound and lyrics and of course his “story”. We had a wonderful interview and performance and as always, we at KESM are grateful for the opportunity.” - Lisa, KESM.
— KESM (105.5) EL DORADO SPRINGS MO. Lisa Phillips - live w/performance.

“Grayson was very well spoken and had some very interesting stories to tell us on and off air! We enjoyed him and I think he definitely connected with our listeners. Who doesn’t like a cute guy with an accent, who can sing and play the guitar? He has the whole package. Thanks for sending him our way.” - Katey, KTFX
— KTFX (101.7) MUSKOGEE OK. Katey and Cliff - live w/performance.
Cliff & Katey - Muskogee Oklahoma

Cliff & Katey - Muskogee Oklahoma

Grayson was GREAT! He had great stories, was an awesome performer and just genuinely seemed very appreciative to be heard from. He is welcome to come back WHENEVER he would like to!” - Ben, WCYE.
— WCYE (93.7) RHINELANDER WI. Ben Merritt - live w/performance.

“Grayson was a wonderful guest. He is very down to earth and easy to talk with. He has one of the best voices that you have ever sent us! Instant calls asking about how to get his music!” - Phil, WRCO.
— WRCO (100.9) RICHLAND CENTER WI. Phil Nee- live w/ performance.

Grayson was just great- a really nice guy. We all enjoyed meeting him and I was really appreciative of his patience since I was running a little late on this day. I would love to have him back another time and possibly get him a show here in town. Thanks for sending him by.”- Mike, KLMJ.
— KLMJ (104.9) HAMPTON IA. Mike Betten - recorded w/performance.

“Grayson was GREAT! Really exceeded my expectations. I really enjoy hearing stories about things that go on outside of the United States.
I really like his music as well. I have AAA experience in my radio history, so it brought back some great memories!”-Gabe, WQPC.
— WQPC (94.3) PRAIRIE DU CHIEN WI. Gabe Buch - live w/ performance

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