Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his gift of storytelling.  His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the often forgotten moments in between.  Grayson captures those precious moments and delivers them to his audience with a rare, raw sincerity.

In live performances, Grayson effortlessly creates and maintains a direct connection with his audience using natural dialogue that elevates the experience from a typical performer-audience interaction into a captivating and relatable peer-to-peer experience.

Michael Edser is Grayson, which is a reference to his childhood street where he grew up in Australia and where he spent many years developing his talent to write, sing and play music.

Grayson embraces the spotlight with an easy nature, while sustaining his genuine charisma seamlessly from stage to music to film to real life.  A gregarious soul, Grayson’s catchy humor endears him to his admiring audience who await for what he will say or sing next.

A captivating songwriter with a style reminiscent of some of the greats in the industry, Grayson receives international praise for being a unique artist with an Americana/Country folk style.  As his music evolves, he continues to differentiate himself from the current musical landscape on mainstream country radio.

After establishing a strong following in Australia, Grayson toured Europe and the US extensively. 

During his tour of Europe in 2008, Grayson secured a contract with Rifle Range Records and moved to Ireland at the beginning of 2009.  He spent most of the year recording his debut album, “Somewhere in the Night.”  The release of Grayson’s first single, “Stand Clear” put him on the Top 40 Commercial charts and the single reached #1 on the Indie Download charts in Ireland. In Australia, the release of Grayson’s second single entitled “Change” reached #1 on the official Aria physical singles charts, as well as Number 8 on the Aria Hit Seekers chart.

In late 2009, Grayson continued his Europe tour with some of the biggest names in Irish music, and also performed in his own sold-out solo shows.  Returning to Australia in 2010, Grayson toured with Jimmy Barnes, The Whitlam’s and Vanessa Amorosi.  He recorded his second full-length album, “Chronology” in July 2010 and concluded the year touring the USA with continued success.

Grayson relocated to the US in 2011 and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  Since making America his new home, Grayson has continued developing his talents as an artist and widening his fan base.  Grayson has played over 100 venues and has been featured at American music festivals including, "Wildlife West Music Festival" and the historic "Woodstock Folk Festival.” 

The documentary “66 Days on Route 66”, which won the Gold Award at the 2011 Cinerokom Film Festival in LA, captures Grayson’s 66 performances on tour in the US over the course of 66 days on Route 66.  The journey chronicled his discovery of the behind-the-scenes America, and his own self-discovery, as he learned more of who he really is, as a musician, as a visitor, and as a human being. Through a series of vignettes and short-take interviews, Grayson shares his perspective and views of the American Dream, Route 66, and not just what he is offering to America through this tour, but what he believes America offers him in return.

In 2012, Grayson signed a publishing, album, and management deal in Nashville with Busy at Play Publishing, owned and operated by Garth Brook's guitar player, Johnny Garcia. 

Grayson’s third studio album, “Little Doors” was recorded in 2013.  Prior to releasing the album, Grayson spent a month driving from town to town across 10 different US states performing the first single "You and America,” live on 50 radio stations.  It peaked at number 3 on the Play MPE American Country Radio charts in September 2013. The album was an instant success, reaching number 16 on the iTunes album chart.  “Time Machine,” the second single, was released in April 2014 followed by another cross-country radio tour.  It climbed to number 5 on the Play MPE radio charts in both the US and Australia.

For his fourth studio album, Grayson co-produced “Broken Hearts & Broken Bones” with John Willis of Willisoundz.  Willis has been honored with the “Guitarist of The Year” award from the Academy of Country Music and is one of the most in-demand guitar players and producers in country music.  The album was released in August 2015.  Grayson traveled 10,000 miles visiting radio stations in 15 states for live on-air performances and interviews, as well as live shows.  The first single, “Yes” reached number 3 on the Play MPE charts and was followed by the release of the second single “Winter” in November 2015, which landed at number 7 on the Play MPE charts.  Both singles continue to receive high rotation air play across American radio stations.

Grayson is hard at work on his next album and is promoting his current single, “10-9-8-7” which was released to country radio in late April and is climbing the charts.

In addition to writing and recording his own music, Grayson is a highly sought after producer and guitar session player in Nashville.  He is known in the recording studio for his technical abilities as a guitarist, as well as his sharp ear and talent creating moving melodies and powerful arrangements for other artists.

Cast in the new reality TV show, “Another Country: Nashville,” Grayson will be featured with a group of talented musicians and songwriters, who have left their home country, followed their hearts and traveled to Nashville to make the best music in the world – in Another Country.

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