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Grayson visit's Johnny Cash's holiday home 'The Farm' at Bon Aqua

March 19 2016

Today was a pretty awesome day. Whilst performing live on radio on The Grinder Switch Hour I was heard by friends of the Cash family who offered to bring me to Johnny Cash's holiday home in Bon Aqua, just outside of Centreville, Tennessee.

This was the house where Johnny used to escape when he wanted to get out of the city and the limelight of Nashville, and would come here with his wife, June Carter Cash and their children. The house has been purchased by Brian and Sally Oxley, and they are restoring it, and will have it be opened to the public once completed along with a museum. They have build a big outdoor stage and have plans for concerts to take place, much like the Christmas one they held recently that was attended by the Cash family, including Cindy Cash - Johnny's daughter.

'The Farm' at Bon Aqua. Johnny Cash's getaway house

We were given a tour of the house, including Johnny's actual bedroom with original furniture and photos on the wall all still in place.

By chance, Johnny drummer W.S 'Fluke' Holland was visiting same time we were there and I got to meet him. This guy is a living legend also touring with the likes of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Meeting Johnny Cash's drummer W.S 'Fluke' Holland

I got to view Johnny Cash's hand written lyrics and sit on his chair on the porch that he used to sit on. Unbelievable to think I was sitting in the same chair he used to sit in for over 30 years whenever he would stay at the house. Johnny's Cadillac's were also at the property, complete with 'CASH' on the bumper and were sitting right next to Johnny's brothers (Tommy) tour bus. The bus is about to get restored and will become part of the museum.


Viewing Johnny Cash's handwritten lyrics for Saturday Night In Hickman County

Brian and Sally Oxley (the new owners of the house) are documentary makers, and they have made up a heap of teasers to promote the house for when it will be opened to the public, and they were generous enough to show us a sneak peak.

Possibly one of the coolest things of the experience was being asked to sign the door that was from Johnny's house in Hendersonville and now lives at the farm. Its been signed by some serious Country Music royalty including members from the Cash family like Johnny's brothers, children and nieces and nephews.  My name is now proudly up there next to Tommy Cash, Marcy Cash and Joanne Cash. 

Its great to see that they are doing everything that they can to keep the house true to its heritage and history and are preserving the memories as best they can. You certainly feel overwhelmed at the thought of what happened in that house for the 30 years that Johnny and his family stayed there, and the fact that we were lucky enough to be standing in that house all those years later.

Johnny Cash is such a legend and for us to be given that opportunity to see his house on a private tour, is incredible and its certainly a day I wont forget any time soon.

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